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Tangram delivers cost effective sustainable and ecologically friendly projects.

We achieve this in new and renovated buildings by thoughtful design planning, harnessing renewable resources, correct specification of building materials and use of locally resourced materials and labour.

The benefits in environmental and sustainability design can be assessed at an early stage with our in-house environmental modelling to evaluate appropriate building orientation, passive solar design or harnessing natural ventilation and green technologies. This adds value when used correctly.

We frequently work with clients and partner consultants on projects where sustainability is assessed under BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes at planning stage and beyond.

Tangram always considers place making alongside the creation of socially responsible developments to integrate buildings sympathetically within the wider community.

Tangram is ISO - 14001 accredited and this ensures that we manage our resources and processes correctly: we are members of the Green Register of Constructional Professionals to limit our own impact on the environment.

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