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Mental Health Services, Tuam

Client HSE West


The project involves the renovation and extension of the Grove Hospital in Tuam to provide accommodation for the Community Mental Health team and Early Intervention Team (Disability Services).  The development is in two phases.  Phase 1 illustrated here, is for the Mental Health Services.

The Mental Health Services are located within the existing building with a new and modern architectural intervention forming a welcoming entrance to the Mental Health Day Hospital. The new extension opens onto the main reception and waiting spaces, for clients and visitors to orientate themselves and forms a direct connection with the existing mature landscape, providing a calm and pleasant aspect. The Mental Health Service accommodation consists of the Acute Day Hospital at Ground Floor Level, and the Continuing Care Day Hospital at First Floor Level. The proposed layout is to some extent determined by the configuration of the existing structure; the larger existing rooms are therefore utilised for the largest spaces required in the Schedule of Accommodation, existing rooms which are or would be without windows are used for those rooms that do not require windows or would in normal circumstances need mechanical ventilation, rooms such as showers and WCs.

Innovations & Added Value

The design intent is to refurbish as much of the existing building as possible, to maximise economies and efficiencies. Due to the piecemeal development of the Grove Hospital, the preferred option proposes to remove some of the later developments to allow the original Grove House to be refurbished in a sensitive manner. Although not a protected building, it has an important heritage and social history within Tuam. New build elements are cleverly used to identify entrances. Architecturally these elements are sympathetic to the existing building in terms of scale, proportion and use of materials and complement the existing heritage on site.

Status Design, Pre-Tender Stage

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