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Midwife Led Birthing Unit

Vinci Facilities and Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust

Tangram were commissioned to provide a small maternity unit staffed by midwives. The unit aims to offer a homely, rather than a clinical environment to support women who want a birth without medical intervention. The furnishings and sensory stimuli have been chosen to help foster feelings of being calm and in control.  The aim for the unit is to treat labour and birth as a straightforward, normal thing to happen, rather than a risky event. The midwife-led birh centre sits alongside the QEH conventional, consultant-led, maternity services.

Innovations & Added Value
A careful and detailed approach was taken to the design of the interiors of the unit. Each of the four birthing suites is provided with their own unique identity through the use of colour based upon a floral theme.


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