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How is Tangram Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis?


With Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading across the UK and worldwide Tangram are following the guidelines that have been provided by the UK Government and the NHS to ensure that our staff, colleagues and clients are protected as much as possible against contracting the virus.

The UK Government is advising against all non-essential travel and close contact.

At Tangram a decision has been made to keep our staff, colleagues and clients as safe as possible by minimising travel and avoiding face to face contact.

Our staff will now be working from home where practical but can be contacted through e-mails and mobile phones. All of our staff have remote access to our servers, so work will be carried out as normal.

Where meetings are taking place, to protect our staff, colleagues and clients, we will aim to participate and continue to keep clients, design teams and contractors updated on projects through remote calling (Skype or similar) but will attend site if permitted and urgently needed.

Tangram are committed to taking measures to protect both our staff, colleagues and clients. All of our staff are aware that they must self-isolate immediately if they are feeling unwell with a continuous cough, high temperature, difficulty breathing or have been in close contact with anyone having these symptoms.

During these challenging times, we at Tangram, will do our utmost to continue to serve our clients and facilitate their projects in the usual way.





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