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Schoen Clinic York in for Planning

Schoen Clinic

This project was designed for an independent provider of mental health services, with a focus on eating disorders and complex trauma. This all female unit will house 46 service users, within three wards, containing en-suite sleeping accommodation and an on-ward / off-ward therapies compliment.

Innovations & Added Value
The project is located in a conservation area, with the nearby Retreat (the existing Quaker run hospital) a grade 2 listed building. Great care was taken to cut the new building into the hillside, which along with the proposed use of green roofs, will mean that the building has minimal impact on it surroundings. At the same time a carefully chosen palette of materials will ensure that the proposals sits well within the exisitng context.

Design Stage.

Download project page here.

2293 SCY FrontEntrance1

2293 SCY RearEntrance1

2293 Site red line

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