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Community healthcare and local centres provide local services some of which would formerly been entrenched in acute hospitals. These facilities are emerging as models which support local people where specialist care can be safely be provided in less hi-tech facilities. A wide range of health and care professionals from a variety of agencies often come together in local centres and patients may be able to access a wide variety of consultations, services and tests in one place. Some specialist centres are also relocating out of main hospitals into local settings.

Tangram has also designed community hospitals, some with inpatient provision. These generally larger buildings are often equipped with a very broad range of services and equipment requiring detailed understanding of the full spectrum of acute design albeit for a local facility.


Archway Health Centre, Islington
Client:  Camden Primary Care NHS Trust
Status:  Completed
Community Healthcare, Cranleigh
Client:  Surrey Primary Care Trust
Status:  Planning permission granted
Community Hospital, Cheshunt
Client:  SE Herts Primary Care NHS Trust
Status:  Completed
Nursing Unit Ballyshannon
Client:  HSE Northwest
Status:  Design, Pre-Tender Stage
Medical Centre, Pershore
Client:  Wychavon District Council
Status:  Completed
Education Centre, Mile End
Client:  Tower Hamlets PC NHS Trust
Status:  Completed
Health and Wellbeing, Corringham
Client:  NE London Foundation Trust
Status:  Planning Consent Granted
Mental Health Services, Tuam
Client:  HSE Northwest
Status:  Design, Pre-Tender Stage
Oaktree Medical Practice, Ilford
Client:  Oaktree Medical Practice
Status:  Completed
Shrewsbury Centre, Forest Gate
Client:   Tower Hamlets NHS Trust
Status:  Completed

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